musician`s personal page


Maurizio Grandinetti has been tirelessly working on the develop of the repertoire for guitar. He collaborated closely and premiered works by many composers. To name a few:

Olga Neuwirth
Giorgio Netti
Vinko Globokar
Heinz Holliger
Klaus Huber
Jürg Wyttenbach
Thoma Kessler
Rudolf Kelterborn
Wolfgang Heininger
Tim Hodgkinson
Elliott Sharp
Alex Buess
Marcelo Nisinman
Volker Heyn
Junghae Lee
Carlo Ballarini
Paul Dolden
John Duncan
Fernando Garnero
Pablo Montagne
Martin Jaggi

Main activities

New Music

Maurizio Grandinetti has played a great number of new compositions for guitar


He plays since 1998 with the Ensemble Phoenix Basel, touring all over the world


He is a passionate tuitor for many young talent, teaching at the Conservatory in Como in his home country, Italy. He gives Masterclasses in Europe in different Universities

Composing/ Arranging

He composed for several Dance and theatrical works. He has a deep inight in arranging for several groups.


With some friends Maurizio Grandinetti promotes the concerts serie AperOHR